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RD360RD360 Series Head Box

The RD360 series head box material is a two-part aluminium roll formed section using high quality pre-painted 0.9mm gauge aluminium. This design will completely enclose the working parts of the shutter. The shutter curtain (slat) is concealed
in the head box when in the UP position and
for this reason we have four sizes of head box.
The boxhas two roll formed sections (Top Plate and Bottom Plate), that are fitted together with a pair of cast aluminium End Plates.

Technical Specifications

Head Box Sizes Available:
  140mm - up to 1140mm Height
  160mm - up to 1650mm Height
  180mm - up to 2000mm Height
  200mm - up to 2800mm Height
Thickness: 0.9mm

Please note:: The battery motor is too large to fit in
the 140mm head box, and is only suitable for the 160mm 180mm and the 200mm head box


The base material has a two-coat system of primer plus topcoat, which is based on binders of polyester and melamine.
Type: Modified Polyester
Pre Treatment: Hot sulphuric acid with alternating current, anodizing a coating thickness of max.0.10 microns of aluminium oxide.
Primer: Specially formulated flexible primer with a nominal film thickness of 5 microns
Top Coat: Polyester with a nominal thickness of 20 micron

Mechanical Properties

The RD 360 boxing material has excellent corrosion resistance due to the high-grade aluminium alloy used and the exceptional coating qualities. The shape of the box is designed to be aesthetically pleasing while maintaining a highly functional purpose.
Due to the strength of the shape and the lightness of the aluminium, the box will not bend over its own weight. Unlike steel boxing, the cut edges are protected by the corrosion resistant properties of the aluminium. The cast aluminium end plates are fitted using aluminium rivets, therefore offering the best resistance to galvanic corrosion or electrolysis, caused by using dissimilar metals.