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How much does it cost?

Australian Online Rollershutters were the first company to have an Price Calculator that allows you to get a price instantly. If you don't know how big your roller shutter(s) need to be, we also have a Measuring Guide that will show you how to find the measurements needed for the calculator.
We supply the Australian made roller shutter

Do you provide Replacement Parts?

We have Replacement Parts for all of our roller shutters, and SOMFY electric motors. You'll also find replacement E-Port Controllers and L10 Battery and/or Motor replacement kits. If you're after something that is not listed, please don't hesitate to give us a call 0400 575 436 or e-mail.

Who are we?

is a 100% Australian owned and operated business, we supply the Australian made roller shutter manufactured by in their manufacturing plant in Adelaide, we also supply any part required for maintenance, or repairs, and can send  Australia-wide, including transport insurance. If you have a postcode we can deliver to you!

Our roller shutters come as a ready to install product, that is made to order, with millimetre accuracy. We provide measuring, pricing and installation instructions, both in text/print and video format, to make owning roller shutters accessible to everyone.

What is the process?

The first step is knowing what you want. We have a guide to Measuring Windows so that you can get some measurements ready for the windows you want to have roller shutters on. There are two styles of installation so reading this is good idea to get you thinking about which you would prefer.
The next step is to start putting some values into our Price Calculator so you have an idea of the price per shutter. With delivery added into the price of each roller shutter, having an energy efficient home is no longer a dream for the future, but a path that can be travelled at any pace. By having the price up-front, you avoid having a salesperson come around to find out how much they can charge you, and instead get an honest answer, straight up!

We're in New South Wales. How long will it take?

Our product is manufactured with millimetre accuracy to the sizes you provide. It will take up to 7 days normally for manufacture to be completed. Depending on where in NSW you are, delivery will take a further 3 to 8 days. Our delivery includes transport insurance to your door.

What do the four different kinds of shutter do?

The Domestic Roller Shutter is the work horse of our product line. With the best combination of thermal and noise insulation, strength, durability, available sizing and value, over 80% of our customers install our Domestic Roller Shutter.
The Security Roller Shutter is our heavy-duty roller shutter. With a focus on protection against the determined intruders, this roller shutter features heavier, stronger slats with a re-designed hinge. This hinge locks closed like armour, to prevent an intruder inserting any object between slats, while providing an increase in join strength. These shutters were also submitted to the CSIRO for BAL (or Bushfire Attack Level) Rating evaluation. The resulting rating was BAL/40, the highest rating for an individual component, and a required ingredient for the most bushfire resilient home (BAL/Flame Front.)
The Commercial Roller Shutter is designed with the large glass frontages of commercial stores in mind. That being said, if the Domestic Roller Shutter is not available in a large enough size for your window, this would almost certainly be able to. The slats have an advanced low weight, high strength composition, which allows them to be made in larger sizes, while still providing the same insulation and protection as the Domestic Roller Shutter.
The Cyclone Roller Shutter is a specialized shutter developed to protect a home from the impact of cyclones. It has been tested, and has received an appropriate Cyclone Rating according to Australia/New Zealand building standards.

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