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Quick Pricing for Cyclone Roller Shutters.

Price Calculator: Electric and Battery.

Please Note: For an On Wall Installation (OW) the width of 2 guides and the correct head box size must be added to your opening sizes....Unsure how to measure?

Please remember: BOTH Width and Height must be filled-in for the calculator to work.

Size Range
Width: 600mm to 3600mm   680mm to 3600mm for Electric
Height: 700mm to 3800mm
Maximum overall size  7.2 square meters

Roller Shutter Width (mm):   mm
600mm to 3600mm
Roller Shutter Height (mm):   mm
700mm to 3800mm

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Cyclone Roller Shutter components:
Aluminium Head Box
Aluminium Slat profile
Aluminium Guides and Bottom Bar

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Price Calculator: Manual: Hand-Wind Cyclone.

Unsure how to measure?

Please note: Manual installation is the most difficult Installation.
Electric and Battery installation is a simple installation.

Maximum size for manual winder control: 3.3 square meters

Roller Shutter Width (mm):   mm
400mm to 3600mm
Roller Shutter Height (mm):   mm
600mm to 3000mm


Manual control: Maximum Lifting Capacity of 20kg

Curtain weight: 1sq mtr = 6kg = 3.3 square meter of shutter (for example, 2000mm x 1650mm window maximum) or any other combination that equals 3.3 square metres or less.