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Width Measurements Height Measurements

Please Note:For an On Wall Installation (OW) the width of 2 guides and the correct head box size must be added to your opening sizes...Unsure how to measure?

Width [mm]: Height [mm]:
Motor: Fit Type:
Slat Colour: Box Colour:
When inside your house, looking out, which side of the inside wall would you like the control on?
Size Range
Width: 400mm to 3600mm for Battery   680mm to 3600mm for Electric
Height: 600mm to 3000mm
Maximum overall size  7.7 square meters

If you require any upgrades or extra components

After you have placed your order, immediately send us an email ( with your upgrade requirements.
We will email you a PayPal email request for payment (this payment is instant and we can process your order immediately) requires credit card or PayPal account.

Unsure how to measure a manual shutter?

Please note: Manual installation is the most difficult Installation.
Electric and Battery installation is a simple installation.