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New E Series

Since the release of the OZRoll Drive System in 2006 OZRoll have continued to work on ways to improve this revolutionary product. In response to recent battery technology advancements, the NEW E-SERIES was developed.

The new controls are more compact and stylish than the older style ODS Control.

The E-Port Concept

E-Port is a portable controller designed to be shared using the wall E Port plate concept.
The newer technology of the Lithium-Ion battery has allowed us to drastically reduce the size of the portable controller resulting in the creation of E-Port.

The E-Port has a large battery capacity (1,600mAh)

The E-Port controller while being 30% smaller than the old style L10 Controller has a larger power capacity.

Each Roller Shutter is supplied with the E-Port controller, wall plate and charger.

E-Port is also available with a RF option

Features and Benefits

The E-Port controller is removable and can be used to operate more than one roller shutter further highlighting the overall cost effectiveness of the system. E Port multi use

The E-Port controller is required to work in conjunction with The E-Port Wall Plate allowing for the power to be generated from the battery through to the motor.

"Re-chargeable Li-Ion batteries.
" In Built electronic circuit board
" Intelligent LED indicators
" Safe and Simple charging
" Suits both the T20, T35 and L10 battery motors
Available in Standard and RF controls.


The E-Port RF Controller E Port RF


This RF controller is controlled by the E-Trans RF Remote.
More information below.

As the RF controller is constantly monitoring the RF remote for a transmitted signal it will consume battery power at a higher rate than the standard controller.
With this in mind it is recommended that the RF controller is used in conjunction with the E-Solar or the In Wall Charger.

  Upgrade pricing can be found at the bottom of this page.

E-Trans RF Remote

E TransThe E-Trans RF Remote will provide wireless control to the E-Solar Pro and the E-Port RF Controller systems, and is offered in two versions 1 Channel and 9 Channel.

Both versions will only operate a shutter that is using the RF controller. The RF remote will not operate a standard controller.

The RF Remote when programmed can operate one or more roller shutters connected to the RF controller. The 1 Channel version will allow for only one combination to be programmed. The 9 Channel version will allow for up to 9 different combinations. These combinations are totally programmable by the user.

Prior to use you must pull out the yellow tag, from the inside of the remote, this will then activate the battery. The RF Remote will not operate until this is done.

For further information regarding the programming of the remote, please refer to the instructions provided with each unit. Each unit has it's own wall plate.

The RF Remote is powered by a long life battery, which dose not require recharging.

The life of the battery will be approximately 2 years depending on usage

  Upgrade pricing can be found at the bottom of this page.


E-Solar is a convenient and cost effective stand alone system that uses renewable energy from the sun.

The E-Solar is designed to be used in conjunction with our new E-Port Solar Controller and not the old standard E-port controller. E Solar


The Solar panel can be mounted on the roof of the building, or even on the shutter box or where ever the sunniest position is.
The Solar panel comes with a 5 meter lead, that will clip to the back of the wall plate, please check the path for this wiring before ordering this product.

E-Solar 2w Panel
Panel Size
315 x 130 x 18mm

This product can also be supplied with the standard E-Port Charger.

This product is recommended to be used with the RF installation as it draw more power with the RF always on.


Battery E-Solar Panel Installation Instructions

   Upgrade pricing can be found at the bottom of this page.


Components Price List

Upgrade the standard E-Port portable controller to E-Port RF controller cost $40.00

The E-Trans RF Remote for the E-Port

All Prices include GST.

Postage and Handling $15.00 when sold separately.

When you place your order at Order On Line immediately send an email to us for the upgrade parts you require.