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E-Solar Pro Battery Roller Shutter System

Very Easy Installation, no electrician required.

E-SOLAR PRO is the perfect solar drive solution for roller shutters.


The battery, control, radio receiver and solar module are installed within a compact preassembled unit.
A powerful solar module charges the high performance LiFePO4 battery - even at low sunlight times. The battery can store enough power to provide the motor with energy for weeks, enabling motor operation during cloudy weather or at night.
Installation is quick and easy – assemble the motor, connect the two-pin cable to the E-SOLAR PRO module, attach the module to the shutter head box, wall or roof with the unique mounting clips and installation is complete! It is recommended the E-Solar Pro be installed in a position where it will receive a minimum of 1 hour of sunlight per day.

The E-SOLAR PRO is installed in conjunction with our full range of ODS Tubular Motors and the E-Trans 1CH or 9CH transmitter. It is not suitable to be used with the ODS L10 Mech.

The adaptable design allows the E-SOLAR PRO to be used in a variety of ways depending on your requirements or installation.

The down side is the cost, usually about $120.00 more expensive than the our standard E-Port controller system.

The E-Trans RF Remote will provide wireless control: information link E-Trans RF Remote

Installation Instructions: E-Solar Pro

Step 1.

When the panel is initially unpacked it will be in deep sleep mode and needs to be woken by exposure to direct sunlight for more than 5 seconds. It will then be ready for pairing to an E-Trans transmitter.

Step 2.

Pairing the E-Trans Transmitter and the E-Solar Pro. Pairring
To pair the E-Solar Pro with an E-Trans transmitter use the yellow magnet supplied with the product. Hold this magnet in the area indicated in the diagram for more than 5 seconds. Three clicks should be heard. The system will now be in programming mode for 60 seconds.

Next, press the stop (i.e. middle) button on the E-Trans transmitter within 60 seconds.

When the E-Trans and E-Solar Pro pairing is successful three more clicks will be heard, and the receiver will then leave programming mode.

Additional E-Trans transmitters can be paired with the E-Solar Pro by repeating the above procedure. Up to 5 transmitters can be paired with one E-Solar Pro unit.

To operate the motor push and hold the up or down button on the E-Trans transmitter for one second.

The E-Solar Pro has a different response time than an E-Port RF Controller. A longer than normal button press on the E-Trans transmitter is required for the E-Solar Pro unit. E-Trans transmitters instructions are sent with each E-Trans.

Step 3. Installing the E-Solar Pro Mounting Clips.

Remove the mounting clips from the rear of the E-Solar Pro, and, using screws or rivets, attach them to the installation surface. This can be the roller shutter head box, nearby wall or roof (for good exposure to sunlight).


If mounted on the head box or wall it must be in a position that ensures that the E-Solar Pro will receive at least one hour of direct sunlight per day. In these instances the E-Solar Pro should also be installed close to the edge or beside the head box, on the same side as the motor. This will enable easier routing of the wiring through the endplate to the motor. This positioning will also ensure that the wiring can be kept secure behind the safety plate.

Drill a hole large enough for the wiring and terminals to pass through (say 10mm diameter). Ensure that the hole is positioned on the front or side of the endplate in such a position that it will be covered by the E-Solar Pro when it is fitted to the mounting clips.

Ensure the panel is not shaded and is installed facing towards the North. On average a minimum of one hour of direct sunshine per day is required to maintain charge.

Step 4. Connect the E-Solar Pro to the motor.

Tubular DC motors are usually supplied with a 2m cable. For installations where the E-Solar Pro is close to the head box of the shutter then this 2m cable may be excessive. In this instance the cable will need to be cut and re-terminated using 4.5mm female spade terminals.

Ensure enough cable is left to enable the removal of the E-Solar Pro and/or the Bottom Plate of the shutter.

If the E-Solar Pro is to be installed away from the shutter then the 2.5m Loom Extension may be required giving you 4.5m if required.

For a Right hand side installation:
- connect the RED wire from the E-Solar Pro to the RED wire from the motor.
- connect the BLACK wire from the E-Solar Pro to the BLACK wire from the motor. Wirring For a Left hand side installation:
- connect the RED wire from the E-Solar Pro to the BLACK wire from the motor.
- connect the BLACK wire from the E-Solar Pro to the RED wire from the motor. Ensure that good terminal connections are made by tugging on the two wires.

Activate the heat shrink tube on the cable terminals with hot air gun or a cigarette lighter.
Caution – burning hazard.

If required for cable routing carefully press the cable into the slot in the connector on the back of the panel.

If the cabling needs to pass one of the mounting clips then it can be routed behind the legs of the clip.

Any spare cable can be pushed the safety plate.

Attaching the E-Solar Pro to the Mounting Clips. Fixing Fixing

To mount the E-Solar Pro, engage the legs of the clips in the channel on the back of the panel and push up.

To remove the panel, push the panel up to compress the legs of the clips.
Then rotate the top of the panel away from the mounting surface.


For how to install the shutter follow the link below up to step 6

Electric-Powered instructions Then follow step10 and 11