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Sitemap - Australian Online Roller Shutters.

Domestic Security Cyclone and Light commercial. We supply Adelaide Canberra Brisbane Darwin Hobart Melbourne Perth Sydney and anywhere in between
Price calculator for instant pricing for the complete roller shutter, including GST, and delivery, choice of colour, control position, and type, electric, battery and hand wind.
Replacement parts for the OZRoll roller shutters, images of parts, pricing, technical information, for all type including, electric, battery and manual hand wind.
This page was created to help quickly find 95% of answer to any questions about roller shutters, covering battery, electric, general information, and installation.
4 roller shutters types, domestic, cyclone, security and light commercial, full range of electric motors, battery motors, head boxing, slat profiles, and guides, all aluminium.
The Domestic Roller Shutter is the standard for home shutters. Here you will find all the information about them.
Information on how to measure your window or door way for a roller shutter, with diagrams to help with the 2 type of installation, On-Wall or In-Reveal.
Electric roller shutter installation guide, with how to set the up and down stop limit on the Somfy tubular motors, with information on our remote controlled Somfy motors.
A video guide on how to install our Electric, Battery, and hand wind roller shutters, with video help on how to measure a manual roller shutter correctly.
Step by step instructions on how to install a battery powered roller shutter, with a list of tools required, and helpful diagram of the installation.
The most populated place in Australia, fast and noisy, roller shutters will reduce the noise and help give you please of mind, and a quieter night sleep.
Sunny Queensland, from north to south and out west, roller shutters are a must to keep the heat out, and to keep the cool in.
Security is a must for most homes, roller shutters will give you added protection, and help keep unwanted intruders out.
The list of our customer comments shows how our roller shutters have been used for a variety of purposes, with comment about our service.
Our roller shutters are manufactured in Adelaide by OZRoll, our price calculator include delivery cost as far north as Lancelin, an extra freight charge for further north.
Our customers have given the thumbs up, to the information we provide on our website on how to install our roller shutter, which will save you money, and Australian made.
A beautiful place to be, but the cooler weather keep most visitors away in winter, roller shutter have good thermal insulation, which will help heating costs down.
For coastal areas, we can supply a cyclone rated roller shutters to help protect your home; the other benefit is when it's raining cats and dog it will reduce the noise.
Details of the roller shutter guides and bottom bar, covering all variants available from Australian Online Roller Shutters
Information and sizes of the Aluminium Head Boxes, used for all shutters available from Australian Online Roller Shutters
4 different slat profiles, shows all technical specification for each slat’s weight, dimensions, and design purpose for use.
How roller shutters will save you money on your energy bill, reducing heat in your home in summer, and keeping you warmer in winter.
Somfy 240 volt electric tubular motors, rpm speed, optional hank crank override motors, and optional remote controlled motors, warranty information.
Battery powered, 240 volt not required, four battery motors with lifting capacity ratings, E-Port controller, installation diagram.
Full range of colours for our slat range, with optional high light colours, and powder coating options plus pricing, coating specification and warranty.
Roller shutters help stop radiant heat buildup in your home, by covering glass windows and doors from the outside, stopping your home feeling like a glass house.
Test results for noise insulation in your home, noises listed as decibels, and the difference after roller shutter are fitted to your window or door.
OZRoll’s manufacturing plant in Adelaide; the largest manufacturer of Australia made roller shutters in the southern hemisphere, shipping worldwide.
This page explains why roller shutter are a must have product, to help protect your home from, burglars, storms, bush fires, noise neighbors, and have great thermal properties.
Somfy RTS motors, wireless control, how to operate a single or a group of roller shutter with a 1 channel or 4 channel hand held remote, with an upgrade price list.
Somfy 240 volt pricing for standard and remote controlled tubular motors, Newton meter ratting with weight recommendations, wiring diagram, Inus Uno wall switch, and hand held remotes.
Electric roller shutters will not operate when the power is out, but the manual override system allows you to open or close the shutters with a manual crank handle.
Trouble shooting for the E-Port and E-Port RF controllers, with diagnostics help of the 2 LED’s signals, plus charging time.
How to set the stop limits on all battery tubular motors, T06, T20 and the T35, with images to help get the correct position.
The Security Roller Shutter, developed to stop determined burglars, is also certified to provide protection in BAL 40 bushfire test results.
Cyclone rated category 3, wind speed 169.9 kilometers an hour, the high density slats are restrained into the heavy duty guides.
No power required, Spring-Assist help raise and lower the curtain, has a bottom bar central key lock, simple installation, supplied with 2 handles.
OZRoll achieves design excellence form Standards Australia for its drive system.
Warranty information for our roller shutter, includes Somfy products, OZRoll’s motors, controller, strap controls and paint coatings.
How multiple shutters can operate with 1 E-Port controller, upgrading to the E-Port RF with a choose of E-Trans remote, charging with the E-Solar panel, and pricing.
Things to check before replacing an L10 battery motor, with information on replacing the motor, and photos showing how to reset down stop position.
In a power failure your roller shutter will still operate, electrician not required, Diagram showing how it works, E-Port controller information and warranty.
Our full range of tubular battery motors, with lifting capacity, and square meters of shutter for each motor size.
L10 controller’s battery replacement, with step by step images, or upgrade to the new E-Port controller.
The original L 10 battery motor has now been superseded with a newer model, same dimensions, but requires a different axle adaptor, with information on how to replace the axle, and motor.
Our supplier, Australia’s largest manufacturer of roller shutters has achieved an appraisal by the CSIRO.
How to change your manual hand wind roller shutter, to battery powered, with pricing information, and a diagram on how it all works.
Manual roller shutter are the most difficult to install, this installation guide will help you through the process, with information about false sills if required.
Hand operated, no batteries or electrician required, maximum size 5 square meters, difficult to install, diagram showing how it works.
This measuring guide was created for the most difficult installation, which is the manual roller shutter, this guide is a must read if you intend to install the manual system.
The ODS control 10 has been replaced by the E-Port controller, that is fitted with Lithium-Ion battery, a new E-Port wall plate is also required.
Battery powered with remote control, E-Trans hand held remote, solar charging panel, pricing and a diagram of the installation.
How to program a Somfy hand held remote, to a single or multiple roller shutter, with help from diagram showing the stages of programming.
How to install the E-Solar charging panel, with diagram to help with installation, and information on the best position to install the panel.
How to set the correct position of the curtain to achieve the locking position, to stop intruders lifting the curtain form the outside of your home to gain entry.
Gallery of photos sent by our customer from all over Australia, showing our full range of roller shutters, Domestic, Cyclone, Security, Light Commercial, and Spring-Assist.
Our contact page, using email and phone, with a link to our frequently ask questions.
Our largest profile, slat, guides, and head box, but the lightest weight roller shutter.
We supply the whole of Australia with Australian made roller shutters, price calculator, measuring guide, installation guide, installation videos, and delivery time schedules.
Modification required when installing your cyclone roller shutter, the guides and the box end insert must be modified, the diagrams show how to.
Easy installation, no wiring to a wall switch, operates with a hand held remote; operate with all our tubular battery motors, solar charging, and diagrams to help with pairing.
Bay windows require accurate measurement; this guide will help you get the correct measurements, also requires adjustable bracket, to support the center guides, and cover plate.
Photos and the tutorial will help you through getting the correct measurement for a corner window, for an On-Wall or In-reveal installation.
The roller kit is only used on EXTRA large security, cyclone and light commercial roller shutters, the kit helps with the curtain moving down the guides smoothly.
Rollershutter-as-Rollerdoor-or -Skylight.php
Roller shutters were not designed to be used on balconies, open breeze ways or garage doors, or in a horizontal position on a skylight.
The V-Type stopper is fitted to the bottom bar of the curtain; this will stop the curtain from going completely into the head box and not returning.
How to overcome obstacles such as protruding door handles, and windows, that will interfere with the operation of your roller shutter.