Box Locking System

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The Box Locking System


The Box Lock System
This system uses the top of the head box and the spring connector to stop the shutter curtain from being lifted. The curtain forms a vertical wall that can only be lifted as far as the top of the head box
As shown in the picture

 The gap at the top is determined by the height of the shutter. We can only work in multiples of one full slat, and therefore the gap should never be greater than the size of one slat.

The Slat Locking System

The Slat Lock System
This system uses the same principle as the Box Lock System, and is used with the 180mm and the 205mm head boxes.

  In this system we place two small pieces of slat in the box to simulate the top of the box. The main advantage of this system is that the pieces of slat can be moved to reduce the gap at the top of the curtain.
As shown in the picture.


Frequently Asked Questions

The OZRoll Drive System

Why is the slat concave

The curtain’s slat on the outside is concave. This allow the curtain to roll up to a smaller diameter, reducing the head box size. The slight curve it the slat adds optimal lateral strength compared to a flat slat.

Roller Shutters started in Europe where they are inbuilt at the time of construction of the dwelling in which the head box is in the cavity of the wall, requiring the smallest diameter possible. This is opposite to installation in Australia. All Roller shutters in Australia are of European design. Ozroll’s machines are from Germany and they supply 80% of the Roller shutter market in Australia