Measuring and Fitting a Corner Window

Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring And Fitting A Corner Window

How to measuring your corner window for a Roller Shutter

Measure the depth of the reveal, and then mark this depth on the corner of the sill, on these two points draw a line on the corner end on of the sill, do this to both sides, this will give you the exact inside corner of the guides.

Don’t forget to add the 55mm to the other end so it can be fixed on wall (for on wall fixing only). IR (in-reveal) is the same principal, the distance from the window frame must be the same distance on both ends.

Fitting a roller shutter to a corner window

You will need 2 adjustable corner plate, this will support the guides.

One end of the corner plate is then fastened to the window frame, the other end fixed to the back of the guides, the corner plate is adjustable so it can fit on wall or in reveal fixings, cut the excess of the corner plate of when you have achieved the correct distance out from the window. The corner plate comes in the colours of the box and guides the adjustable corner plate is $60.00 each.


To order the adjustable corner plate, send an email and request the adjustable corner plate immediately after you place your order
I will then send you a PayPal request for payment.