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When inside your house, looking out, which side of the inside wall would you like the control on?

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The order will need to be in by the 1-12-21 to have a chance of arriving before Christmas. If the order leaves the factory before it closes for the holiday break but does not arrive before Christmas, you should receive it mid to late January. If the order does not leave the factory before the holiday break due to ordering after the 5-12-21, or parts being out of stock, you should receive the order late January / mid February.


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Please Note: For an On Wall Installation (OW) the width of 2 guides and the correct head box size must be added to your opening sizes…Unsure how to measure?

Please note: Manual installation is the most difficult Installation. Manual Measuring guide.
Electric and Battery installation is a simple installation.

Please Note: Manual control: Maximum size for manual winder control: 5.8 square meters

If you require any upgrades or extra components

After you have placed your order, immediately send us an email ( with your upgrade requirements.
We will email you a PayPal email request for payment (this payment is instant and we can process your order immediately) requires credit card or PayPal account.

On our site you will find all the information that you will need on how to Measure, How to Install, How to Video.

If you are not confident about installing try your local electrician, carpenter or handyman, installation is a very simple process.

Can a Roller shutter be used as a Roller Door on Balconies, open Patio areas or Garage doors