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The greenhouse effect:

It is a well-known and undisputed fact that external solar protection devices are superior to an internal system with respect to the energy transmission rate and thus to room temperature.
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OZRoll shutters gain CSIRO approval:

We are pleased to advice that OZRoll have received CSIRO approval for their roller shutters
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Thermal insulation properties:

Potential savings on heating and cooling energy consumption.
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Noise insulation:

Independent lab tests on OZRoll roller shutters prove that they can reduce noise transmission through a window opening.
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Bushfire safety:

OZRoll shutters protect your windows from imploding. The CSIRO proved that homes stand a better chance in case of bushfire if fitted with OZRoll roller shutters
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OZRoll roller shutters awarded Australian Design Mark:

To our knowledge this is the only window roller shutter product that can make such a claim. Designed and built in Australia to the highest of standards, the OZRoll product has been recognized by the design and engineering industries as a stand out product.
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Security: security

Australia's largest home insurer the NRMA reports that 55% of domestic home break-ins are through unprotected windows.

The roller shutter can offer the first line of defense in this situation and has the major advantage of being a visual deterrent.

With it's unique operation and locking device also offer a physical barrier against forced intrusion.

Thermal Insulation: thermal insulation

The slat is rolled to form a hollow casing into which a PU foam is injected, creating an 8.7mm (AR400 series) thick wall of insulation, similar in style to a cool room.

There is that added insulating qualities of the air gap between the shutter and the window. These functions could provide up to 90% reduction in thermal transfer through the covered window.

Noise Insulation: noise insulation


The insulating qualities  have the additional function of dampening the intrusion of unwanted noise by up to 50%. By creating a barrier in front of the window, the noise flow, which is transferred by vibrations through the air is reduced.


Storm Protection: storm protection


The roller shutter will offer a physical barrier against driving rain, high winds and flying debris.

They are especially effective against hail, protecting the glass from breaking and possible personal injury.


Fire Protection: fire protection


The heat from a bush fire can easily shatter the glass in a window and allow the entry of radiant heat and ashes to the home.

In this case, the roller shutter will offer an effective barrier against radiating heat and airborne ashes.


Features and benefits: