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E-Port Controller: Upgrade to remote RF Controller

When purchasing a new roller shutter from us, you can upgrade the standard E-Port controller to E-Port RF controller cost an extra $40.00 each, you will also require one of the E-Trans remotes to make this system work, also recommended is the E-Solar charger, the links below will give you more information.

When you have placed your order, immediately send us an email with the amount of RF controllers, E-Trans remotes and E-Solar panels you require. We will email you a PayPal email request for payment (this payment is instant and we can process your order immediately) requires credit card or PayPal account.

1 Channel E- Trans RF remote $85.00

9 Channel E- Trans RF remote $95.00

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E-Port RF controllers sold separately $179.00 each Inc. GST and Postage and Handling.

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The E-Solar charger is recommended with this product.

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E-Solar charging panel

The E-Port RF Controller is constantly searching for a signal from the E-Trans hand held remote, this searching for a signal will run the battery flat in the RF controller, making the shutter inoperable when the battery is flat, the solar charger will help prevent this form happening.

E-Solar is a convenient and cost effective stand alone system that uses renewable energy from the sun.
The E-Solar is designed to be used in conjunction with the E-Port RF controller allowing for a quick and simple installation where the battery is stored inside the home and protected from the elements.
The Solar panel can be mounted on the roof, the building or even on the shutter box.
E-Solar is suitable for the T06, T20, T35 tubular motor and the L10 lateral motor. The E-Port controller can still be charged with the standard charger, this will be handy if the sky is over cast, with not much sun shinning through, if and when required.