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Replace L10 battery motor and Reset the down stop position

Before you replace your motor a few things to check.
This maybe a motor problem, but first remove the front head box cover and check that the curtain is in the center of the guides and not rubbing on one side, and check that the curtain will move freely up and down between the guides, there could be a slat end insert that has come loose from the end of the slats and jamming the shutter, also check that there is no obstruction in the guides, if there are no obvious problems you may need to replace the motor.
L10 Mech replacement battery motor $145.00 each Inc. GST and Postage and Handling.

With the curtain in the down position remove the axle from the head box, the images below will help in the removal of the axle and will also show you how to reset the down stop limit of your new motor. Undo the 2 screw in the box end plate that holds the motor.
From inside the house remove the wall plate from the wall, then remove the 2 wires on the wall plate and fasten string to the wires, from the outside, now try and pull the cable back through until the string appears. Reverse this process to fit the new motor and reset the down stop limit. If you are unable to remove the cable, you will need to remove the shutter from the wall.

L10 battery motor Reset the down stop position

ODS limits setting
Put the curtain in the down position Remove axle: if it has a red axle insert, push in the 2 wings on the axle insert, this will then allow the axle insert to slide into the axle and shorten the axle

roller shutters

Push the down button the motor will do a cycle then stop

Push the down button again this will lock its memory
Put the axle back