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Up and Down limit setting instructions


Roller Shutters with a surface area greater than 4 square meters and using a battery motor are fitted with the T20 Tubular Motor, or the T35 Tubular Motor depending on the weight of the curtain, this will determine which motor is used. The T20 and T35 has a mechanical progressive limit system that is adjusted by rotating the appropriate limit screws on the motor head. Limit RH


The limits are not set by the factory, but a tool is provided with each motor so you can set the "Up" and "Down" end limits.

Please note: This can take up to 30 complete 360 degree rotations of the limits screw on the motor head.

Please note: When adjusting the limits setting screw the
Plus(+) will add travel. Minus(-) will reduce travel.

Setting the down stop limits is best done with two people, one near the stop button on the controller inside the house, the other person adjusting the down stop limit screw (shown in picture below) until the curtain stops in the correct position.

Please note: The Box Locking System must be set at the correct position. When the locking system is set in the correct position it will be almost imposable to raise the curtain from the out side, this is a simple set to make your shutter more secure.
Please read The Box Locking System and the Slat locking System

To ensure the top stop limit is set correctly, stop the curtain 2 slats down from the bottom of the head box by using the limit screw adjustment, then adjust the curtain height again by using the limit screw adjustment to stop the curtain 3cm from the bottom of the head box.
If the shutter height limit is not set correctly, the bottom bar of the curtain has a bottom bar V stopper each side, which stops the curtain from going completely into the head box, but this causes the motor to jam and stop, this should be avoided and the up limit set to stop the curtain before this happens.


Left-Hand side Instructions

T20 Limit

Adjust the White setting screw to set the Down Stop.
Adjust the Black setting screw to set the Up Stop.

Right-Hand side Instructions

Limit RH

Adjust the Black setting screw to set the Down Stop.
Adjust the White setting screw to set the Up Stop.

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