CSIRO appraisal of OZRoll

OZRoll gains CSIRO Appraisal

We are pleased to advise that OZRoll has received CSIRO appraisal for their roller shutters. In the opinion of CSIRO, OZRoll roller shutters are suitable for the protection of windows including:

  • Radiant heat from bushfires
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sound insulation

CSIRO is a founding member of the World Federation of Technical Assessment Organizations (WFTAO) and is therefore a highly recognized and respected International organization.

To have our products recognized and appraised in such a manner is a major advantage and one that we can all capitalise on, especially when comparing OZRoll products with those offered by other suppliers. It also further emphasizes the quality and overall performance of OZRoll products as well as our commitment and dedication to our customers and the industry as a whole.

OZRoll gains CSIRO Appraisal