Frequently Asked Questions



We can supply a Spring Assist Roller Shutter which is pushed up and pulled down by hand with spring assist; it comes with a bottom bar central key lock. This style is mainly used on counter tops, kitchen serveries and alike, when used for the applications just mentioned it makes it easy to acess the key lock, which is situated on the bottom bar of the curtain. If used on a door you would have to be on your hands and knees to open the lock which would not be ideal when it’s raining.
The bottom of the guides requires a slot to be cut in it so it can accept the locking bar from the key lock.

Please note: Minimum width of roller shutter 850mm

The Spring Assist is the same price as the battery Roller Shutter. When ordering, order your shutter as a battery shutter, and then email us immediately about the shutter being a spring assist. Please let us know which side you want the key lock on, the same side as the head box, or the other side.

The image below shows the key lock on the oposite side to the head box


Front view of the Central Key Lock, and Handel’s


Back view of the Central Key Lock.


How to Install: Spring-Assist

Installing a Spring-Assist shutter, is the same principle as installing an electric shutter, up to step 7. /how-to-install-electric

Then, before the bottom bar of the shutters curtain, is slipped into the top of the guides, measure the width of the locking bar, from the key lock.

This locking bar will requires a slot to be cut in to the bottom of the guides, each side, to accept the locking bar, from the key lock.

Make the slot in the bottom of the guide, larger than the locking bar.