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Welcome To Australian Online Roller Shutters – Premium Roller Shutters Australia

We’re one of the leading online supplier of roller shutters Australia, offering simple to install roller shutter kits at incredible prices. What started as an idea, to provide a solution to the typically frustrating and expensive roller shutter buying experience, turned into something truly great.

Our Product

The outdoor roller shutters we provide are manufactured by OZRoll, a South Australian manufacturer with the largest manufacturing plant in the Southern Hemisphere. There is simply no one else that compares when it comes to an Australian made, international standard product. Each roller shutter door is made-to-order, accurate to the nearest millimetre, and available in many colour combinations.

There are four varieties of roller shutter doors, each with a particular application in mind. They do share common parts, but each variety utilizes a unique slat.

We offer aluminium roller shutters to suit all requirements, with options for increased durability, fire resistance, security shutters and more. Browse our range online or call us today and let our experienced team find the shutters that suit your needs.

Why Get Aluminium Roller Shutters?

Roller shutter doors are the perfect solution for any home or business owner looking to increase security for their property. Roller shutters can be used to protect windows and entryways, improve thermal insulation, protect against fire, weather and more. Get roller shutters for your windows, or use them internally to divide internal spaces and hide spaces without the need for walls or doors. Our roller shutters are incredibly versatile, and allow you to get creative with your use of them. If you’re looking for roller shutters Australia, whether outdoor window shutters or aluminium roller shutters, browse our range today, and see the difference high-quality roller shutters can make for your property.

Domestic Shutters

The Domestic shutter is suitable for all premises without special needs. The links below offer 3 very different types, but in general they are about 30% more expensive than Domestic window Roller Shutters.

Light Commercial

Light Commercial shutters can span up to 4200mm for large windows in a single span. There are also many additions that suit commercial premises, such as key-lock activation.

Cyclone Shutters

The Cyclone shutter has been specifically designed for increased Strength and Security for high wind or high-risk applications.
Australian and New Zealand standard AS/NZS 1170.2 – 2002 Structural Density

Bushfire / Security Shutters

The OZRoll AE401 Extruded slat started life as heavy-duty slat security shutters, incorporating a unique hinge design allowing the slats to overlap slightly. This product has now been tested by the CSIRO to provide Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40 protection for windows, an essential component when creating a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Flame Front home; this is the highest level of protection.

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Technical Specifications

Aluminium Slat

Aluminium Head Box

Aluminium Guides and Bottom Bar

For the full range of our outdoor roller shutters, and components that make up the shutter, including, electric, battery, hand wind and spring-assist and what the product components specification are, this link Product-Information will be the best place to start.

For a more in-depth look into what makes the product work, and any question you may have about anything, then this is the link to visit that will answer 95% of your questions. Frequently Asked Questions
There are also some points-to-note. About thermal, and noise insulation properties, as well as CSIRO approval, they have also been awarded the Australian Design Mark, plus a list of features and benefits of what a shutter can provide.

Materials Used 90% Aluminium, with some plastics for the slat end inserts, at each alternate end of the slats, rubber rings on the aluminium axle to protect the curtain as it winds around the axle, spring steels straps that connect the curtain to the axle, and slat insulating foam ‘Green Friendly’ polyurethane foam. All other parts including the head box, guides and bottom bar are aluminium.

All electric motors are made by SOMFY. The L10 battery motor is manufactured by OZRoll.

Australian Online Roller Shutter Doors

We are an Internet-based business that supplies roller shutters Australia wide. We ship directly to you, supplying roller shutters for homes and businesses in rural areas and all major cities, including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra.

Browse our range of domestic, commercial and security shutters to find the shutters that are right for you.

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On our site, you will find all the information that you will need on how to
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If you are not confident in your roller shutter installation abilities, try your local electrician, carpenter or handyman, installation is a very simple process.

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