Manual-Wind and Strap-Control

Manual: Hand-Wind Roller Shutter System

Manual installation is the most difficult Installation.

Electric & Battery easy installation


Manual: Winder Control

Manual control is the most difficult installation method compared to the battery and electric installation.

The maximum size for a Manual winder control is 5 square meters.

The maximum size for a Manual strap control is 1.8 square meters.

The size of your shutter will determine which control will be fitted when manufactured

The Benefits:

Manual control, is cost efficient, requiring no motor. The winder and strap control can stop the curtain at any position, fully open, or fully closed, or any position in between. The slats that make up the curtain have a perforated 8mm hook hinge which attaches to the bottom of the next slat. When the curtain is being raised the slats have a 4mm gap, this gap then allows the curtain to be wound tightly around the round axle, this helps to achieve smaller head box sizes, in this gap you will see the perforations which are 15mm x 2mm and are spaced every 15mm. The curtain can be stopped before it is fully closed, this gives you the option of being able to see through the curtains perforations, and allowing air flow.
The links below will give you more information about the products components.

The Disadvantages:

This is a difficult installation, it requires tools that the average handy man may not have, before ordering, view the links below, on how to measure, and how to install. If you are not confident about the installation process do not order manual control, look at the electric or battery roller shutter system, for a simpler installation.