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Frequently Asked Questions

The V-Type Stopper

The V-type Stopper is used to stop the curtain from winding up into the head box. The V-Stopper is also the stop for the upper limit setting on the battery Roller shutter, but not for the electric Roller shutter this upper limit setting is set on the electric motor.

V Stopper

To remove the curtain from the top of the guides, the top of the V in the V-type stopper must be depressed. This will then allow the V-type stopper to pass through the Box End Inserts.

Bottom Bar

To place the curtain back in the guides, just pull the bottom bar back through the Box End Inserts, this will make a click sound which will confirm that it is in the right position.

Frequently Asked Questions

No Window Sill


Although 90% of windows have sills, if your windows don't, then don't despair! We have a solution to that.
We can supply a false sill which all Roller Shutters needs for the curtain to fully close down on.

Sill for the shutter curtain to close down on
The sill is aluminium and would be the same colour as the head box and guides and come in 3 sizes
24mm x 22mm $6.00
24mm x 46mm $8.50
24mm x 77mm $11.00

To order a sill send an email and request a sill immediately after you place your order. I will then send you a PayPal request for payment

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