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Cyclone Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter components:

Aluminium Head Box
Aluminium Slat profile
Aluminium Guides and Bottom Bar

The image to the right shows how the slat with it’s restrained slat insert locks into the guide.

In Australia we have specific standards that govern the testing procedures and product requirements for any product to be classified as “Cyclone Rated”. OZ Roll is pleased to advise that the testing is complete and the Super Shutter has been approved for “Cyclone Rating”
The OZ Roll Super Shutter, incorporating the AR400 HDF slat, restrained slat insert and heavy-duty guides underwent cyclone tests at the Cyclone Testing Station, School of Engineering, James Cook University, Townsville, Queensland. This test involves fitting the Super Shutter (using on wall installation techniques) to an Air box facility, which can then simulate the enormous loads that can be encountered under tropical cyclone conditions

There are two appropriate Australian Standards that have been satisfied:
1) Australian Standard AS / NZS 1170.2 – 2002
Structural Design Action Part 2: Wind Actions was used to determine the cyclonic wind loading for roller shutters fitted to a suburban house with an average roof height of 5 m located in a sheltered Terrain Category 3 Region C cyclonic location. The design wind speed is calculated to be 47 metres per second (169.2 kl/h).

2) The Australian Standard AS 4040. 3 – 1992
Methods of Testing Sheet Roof and Wall Cladding, Method 3: Resistance to Wind Pressures for Cyclone Regions was used to an ultimate load pressure of 2. 50 kPa, which is needed to fulfill the requirements.

The Shutter Details.

  • Nominal overall shutter width: 2000mm (overall the guides).
  • Nominal aluminium slat width: 1840 mm (slat cut size).
  • Nominal clear opening between guides: 1805 mm.
  • Nominal Overall Shutter height: 2000mm (overall the box).
  • The shutter must be fitted with a Bottom Guide to the full width of the exposed curtain, allowing the curtain bottom bar section to close down into the bottom guide section.
  • Fixing Details for the test the shutter was attached to the air box testing jig by fastening to Z 150×15 purlin supports running across the air box using ’14 – 10 x 42mm, self drilling screws at 450 mm centres.

The Test Results.

Cyclic test sequences showed the OZ Roll Super Shutter PASSED cyclic fatigue loads of 10,200 cycles at incremental increases to the final load. When tested, the shutter supported the final single cycle pressure of 2.5 kPa for 1 minute, which represents a PASS. The shutter deflection increased to a nominal distance of 82 mm from the standard rest position during the tests.

For a shutter to have a cyclone rating (as the above) the following conditions must be met.

1) The window of the dwelling is closed and remains unbroken during a wind storm event.
2) The curtain size of the OZ Roll Super Shutter is smaller then or equal to the above shutter details.
3) The OZ Roll Super Shutter is fitted to a dwelling with an average roof height of 5m located in a sheltered Terrain Category 3 Cyclonic region C.
4) The OZ Roll Super Shutter is fitted using an On Wall installation method incorporating a Standard 53 mm bottom guide the heavy duty guides supplied with the product.
5) The shutter is fitted to a standard whereby the fixings shall not fail prior to the failure point of the shutter.
6) The installation of the shutter ensures that maximum deflection of the curtain does not break the closed window. Deflection tests carried out indicate that a minimum distance of 85mm to 90 mm between the curtain and the window would be required.

Please note: To comply with the Cyclone Rating the shutter must be fitted with a Bottom Guide to the full width of the exposed curtain, allowing the curtain bottom bar section to close down into the bottom guide section. Additionally, to comply with the Cyclone Rating, the shutter must be 4 square meters or less in overall size.

Colour Range:

Cyclone Roller Shutter Colour Options. 8 box colours and 3 slat colours offer multiple combinations.