L10 Battery Replacement Kit

Frequently Asked Questions


 Battery Replacement Kit or upgrade to the new E-Port controller

OZRoll is pleased to confirm the availability of a ‘Battery Replacement Kit’ that can be used to replace the battery on L10 controllers.

The replacement battery is visibly different to the current battery being supplied with all Controllers and it will need to be fully charged prior to use.


The Standard battery warranty of six months will apply for all replacement batteries.

It should be noted that the battery is not always the cause of the controller not working and therefore it is recommend that where possible a ‘New E-Port Controller’ is ordered.

The battery replacement kit is non-refundable unless the product is faulty.

Upgrade to the new E-Port controller and wall plate by OZRoll.

You will need an E-Port controller, costs $125 each, also required 1 Replacement wall plate $9.50, this wall plate is smaller than your existing L10 wall plate, and it will not cover both of the existing screw holes in the wall that held your old L10 wall plate.


The E-Port Wall plate Conversion (picture on the right) Kit $18.00, consists of a backing plate, and the E-Port wall plate which fixes to the backing plate, this conversion kit uses the existing fixing points that secured the old L10 wall plate to the wall. This is a simple job, unscrew the old wall plate, pull of the 2 bullet clips that are fixed to the 2 wires on the back of your old L10 wall plate, and push the 2 clips onto the new E-Port wall plate, and screw the new wall plate back to the wall.
Your old L10 charger will charge the new E-Port controller if it’s in good condition.
The E-Port controller is supplied with the Long life Li-Ion batteries, and is used for the complete range of OZRoll’s battery motors, which includes the L10 Mech, T06, T20 and the T35 battery motors.

Battery Operated Roller Shutters

Battery Replacement Kit $75.00 each Includes GST and delivery

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New Controller $159.00 includes GST and delivery

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