Diagnostics E-Port Controller

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New E-Port Controller and LED Diagnostics

The newer technology of the Lithium-Ion battery. The E-Port controller while being 30% smaller than the old Control 10 has a larger power capacity.

Each Roller Shutter is supplied with the E-Port controller, wall plate and charger.

The new controls are more compact and stylish than the old ODS Controller.

18650 E-Port Controller LED Diagnostics

Applies to:

15.600.001 18650 E-Port Controller
15.601.001 18650 E-Port RF Controller

The new E-port controller will replace all previous models of the E-Port controller, it will fit the exciting wall plate, and uses the same charger. This is a new, and improved model.

The information below is an aid to diagnosing the signals the two LED’s on the 18650 E-Port can display.

1 Is the controller responding to any button presses?

The Controller may be in sleep mode. To “wake” it up, plug a charger directly into the charging jack on the bottom of the controller. Ensure that the charger is plugged in and switched on. The CHARGE LED should be lit. Re-test the controller.

Battery: Roller Shutter System
2 Does the CHARGE LED flash when a button is pressed?

This indicates that the controller needs charging. A full charge will require approximately 8 hours.

If the CHARGE LED does not flash when a button is pressed the battery should have sufficient charge to drive a shutter.

It should be noted that the controller can only be recharge when it is removed from the wall plate, and plugged DIRECTLY into the CHARGER, then the CHARGE LED will illuminate. It will not charge in the wall plate unless it is connected to the solar panel.

3 Does the TOP LED flash?

This indicates that the controller is trying to drive a motor. Fit the controller to a wall plate and drive a motor.

4 Does the TOP LED stay on continuously?

This indicates that the controller is in TEST mode. To exit TEST mode press following buttons in sequence: UP, DOWN, STOP, STOP (note that STOP needs to be pressed twice). The LED will go off, and the controller will be in SLEEP mode. To wake the controller, follow the steps from 1) above. It is easy to recover from TEST mode; however this fault should be reported to OZRoll.

5 Are the TOP LED and CHARGE LED flashing at the same time?

This indicates that the controller is in ERROR MODE. The controller monitors the charging circuit and if it detects a problem will enter error mode. The controller cannot be used in this state and should be removed from any charging source. A service call will be required to investigate the controller.

The problem in the charging circuit is most probably a short circuit within the wall plate so this will need to be investigated. Obvious things to check for are wire whiskers on the motor loom, metal swarf, crushed wiring or metal touching the terminals of the wall plate.


E-Port is also available with a RF option

The newer technology of the Lithium-Ion battery has allowed us to drastically reduce the size of the portable controller.

The E-Port has a large battery capacity (1,600mAh)

The E-Port controller while being 30% smaller than the old Control 10 has a larger power capacity.

1 Year warranty

Technical Specifications


Out Put:

14.8 Volts
1600mAh Li-Ion

Size:Height 114mm
Width 81mm
Depth 33mm