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Hand Wind To A Battery Powered Roller Shutters

Hand wind to a Battery powered Roller Shutters

Have you considered battery operated roller shutters which is also push button, no electrician required, recharge it like your mobile phone, will open and close your shutters about 30-40 time before recharging, the battery controller should be good for 3-5 years, replacement controllers are $159.00. All round the battery roller shutter is great, even works when the power is out, which is good for the bushfire prone areas 60% of our sales are for battery operated Rollershutter
The hand wind control can take a while to fully open and close your shutter, taking about 30 full rotating of the crank handle to lift a 2 meter curtain, this is time consuming when you have a house full of shutter, and for those with arthritis in the hand can be quite painful experience, but with the battery system you simply push the button on the controller and walk away, letting the motor do the work for you.
This is available for OZRoll Roller Shutters up to 4 square meters using the L10 battery motor, and with a head box size greater than 150mm e.g.: 165mm, 180mm, or 205mm.
For shutters over 4 square meters you will need the larger battery motor The T20, this battery motor is a tubular motor that will fit in the 150mm head box, with a lifting capacity of 8 square meters equal to 20Nm or 32 Kg.

You will need:

  • ODS L 10 battery motor $145.00 or T20 Battery Motor $190.00 

  • E-Port Controller $159.00

  • E-Port Wall Plate $9.50

  • E-Port Charger $14.00

  • Axle Insert and Bearing  50mm Round $10.50 or 60mm Octagonal  $16.50

  • L10 Axle Adaptor or T20 Drive wheel $14.00

Delivery $25
Total $377.00 to $428.00 includes GST and delivery

This axle adaptor is to suit a 50mm round axle; If the axle is larger or octagonal we will need to know it’s diameter and shape so we can supply you with the correct axle adaptor.

If you are not confident about installing this product don’t order this product.
This product is non-refundable unless the product is faulty

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