L10 Mech Battery Motor

Frequently Asked Questions


New L10 Mechanism

The next generation of the ODS mech will now replace the existing mechanism.

Please note that the load capacity and physical size will remain the same and the compatibility with the current wall plates and controllers is also not affected.

The down stop limit on the L10 is now set within the mechanism itself and can be adjusted for either a left or right and installation.

The main change with the new L10 mech is that it no longer requires the axle adaptor with the down stop pawl .This component is now obsolete and the new mechanism is able to suit a wide range of axle dimensions and sizes which are listed below.

Please choose the axle adaptor that will suit your axle size when ordering.


To set the internal down stop to memory push the down button on the controller, the motor will do a cycle and stop, then push the down button on the controller again; this will then lock the position into its memory.
Any small adjustments required will be a case of simply disengaging the axle adaptor from the L10 mech and rotating the axle to the correct position. The axle can be rotated in increments of 30 degrees and once the bottom limit is set correctly the axle can then be fixed to the mech.

L10 Mech Battery Motor

Written instructions will be supplied with each of the OEM L10 mech’s to assist further with the Assembly and Installation.

*L10 ODS Maximum Lifting Capacity of 16kg*

Curtain weight: 1sq mtr = 4kg = 4square meter of shutter (for example, 2000mm x 2000mm window maximum) or any other combination that equals 4 square metres or less.

ODS L10 $145.00 each inc. GST & Postage & Handling

Axle Adaptor $14.00 each inc. GST & Postage & Handling

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If you are not confident about installing this product don’t order this product.

This product is non-refundable unless the product is faulty

This motor may not be suitable for a moist tropical climate, we recommend that the T20 battery motor is use instead.

How to remove: L10 Mech Battery Motor

With the curtain in the down position remove the axle from the head box, this link will help in the removal of the axle and will also show you how to reset the down stop limit of your new motor. Remove axle and reset the down stop limit.
Undo the 2 screw in the box end plate that hold the motor. From inside the house remove the wall plate from the wall, then remove the 2 wires on the wall plate and fasten string to the wires, from the outside, now try and pull the cable back through until the string appears. Reverse this process to fit the new motor and reset the down stop limit. If you are unable to remove the cable, you will need to remove the shutter from the wall.

How to install L10 PDF.