Light Commercial

Aluminium Light Commercial Roller Shutter

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Commercial Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter components:

Aluminium Head Box
Aluminium Slat profile
Aluminium Guides and Bottom Bar

The Commercial range has the largest components, with a head box size of 250mm – 300mm, guides that are 76mm each, and a slat sizes of 55mm in height, with slat width of 11.6mm thickness, the image on the right shows the difference in size between the domestic range and the commercial range of slat size, ( the domestic slat is the white image on the commercial slat to the right ) with this said, the slats that make up the curtain are light weight which makes it the lightest in our range with a weight of 3.4Kg per square meter.

Commercial or Domestic

The difference between the Domestic Roller Shutter and the Commercial Roller Shutter.

The commercial roller shutter can span up to 4200mm for large windows in a single span. The shape of the commercial roller shutter slat profile has been designed specifically to suit the Commercial roller shutter market along with many Domestic applications. The German built roll forming machine is the most advanced of its type in Australia today. The AR551 series slat is a double walled cavity, curved 55mm profile with PU foam injected during the roll forming process it’s. Nominal Thickness: 11.6mm This process provides economical strength and insulation qualities. The curved shape of the slat provides minimal roll sizes and optimal lateral strength.
It’s down fall is Price, on average it’s approximately 30% more expensive than the Domestic range, and no Bush Fire Rating. For this reason the domestic roller shutter is still the most popular roller shutter on the market.

Technical Specifications.

Curtain Weight 3.4kg/m2 (AR551 Series).
Size Range Width 7OOmm to 4200mm. (Single Span)
Size Range Height 10OOmm to 3100mm. (Standard Range)
Maximum Size 10.8m2
Materials Used 90% Aluminium with some Plastics, Rubber and Spring Steels.

Colour Range

Commercial Roller Shutter Colour Options. 5 box colours and 3 slat colours offer multiple combinations.