Measuring and Fitting a Bay Window

Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring and Fitting a Bay Window

The Bay Window is most difficult set of Roller Shutters to install.

How to measure a bay window. The principal is the same for IR in reveal or OW on wall. IR installation is approximately 50mm from the window frame, the guides each side that support the head box are 53mm each which may interfere with outward opening windows, if this accurse use OW installation.

Measure the depth of the reveal, and then mark this depth at the opposite side on the sill, on these two points draw a line in pencil on the corner end on of the sill, do this to both sides, then mark the depth of the reveal on the left and right hand side of the front window on these two points draw a straight line at both ends where they intersect the two side marks that you marked earlier this will give you the exact inside corner of the guides,

Don’t forget to add 53mm to the 2 side so it can be fixed OW (for OW fixing only)


For a bay window you will need 4 adjustable corner plates, these corner plates are fastened to the two outer corners of the bay window, and to the back of the guides, this then gives full support to the guides on each corner. The corner plates are adjustable so it can fit on wall or in reveal fixings. The corner plate comes in the 4 colours of the box and guides, the adjustable corner plate are $84.00 each, 4 required.

You will also be supplied with a guide cover plates, which are used to cover the 2 pair of centre guides. This guide cover plate is 2400mm and costs $30.00 per length, this cover plate is formed at 135 degrees, this will cover 60mmm each side of the centre.
You will also be supplied with an E-3Way Switch, you can operate the 3 shutters individually, from the 1 Controller and 1 E-3Way Switch, an extension wiring loom is also required no additional cost

If you are not confident about installing this product don’t order this product.

To order 4 adjustable corner plates at $84.00 each, 2 guide cover plates $30.00 each,  send an email and request these products immediately after you place your order.
I will then send you a PayPal request for payment.