Upgrade old L10 controller to E-Port

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Upgrade ODS Control 10 to the new E-Port Controller


The new E-Series Controller

A new E-Series replacement battery controller costs $159.00 each Inc. GST Postage Handling.
This product will be sent Australia Post after payment has been received.


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When payment has been confirmed your order will be processed To fully charge the battery allow about 8 hours.

Upgrade from the old L10 controller to the E-Port controller

If the battery is going flat faster than usual you can change the battery if your controller is in good condition; this is the cheapest and best option. I highly recommend also replacing the charger with the E-Port Charger. There is a 70% chance this will fix the problem but the controller maybe damaged internally and you will not be able to return the battery kit once you have tried to charge it. If the roller shutter is not working at all you will need to upgrade to the E-Port controller.

A new L 10 battery replacement kit costs $75.00 each Inc. GST and Postage and Handling.

You could upgrade to the new E-Port controller and wall plate by OZRoll.
You will need an E-Port controller, costs $159 each.
1 Replacement wall plate $9.50, this wall plate is smaller than your existing L10 wall plate, and it will not cover both of the existing screw holes that held your old L10 wall plate.
1 E-Port Wall plate Conversion Kit $18.00. This conversion kit uses the existing fixing points that secured the old L10 wall plate.
Your old L10 charger is not recommended to charge the new E-Port controller.
This is a simple job, unscrew the old wall plate, pull of the 2 bullet clips that are fixed to the 2 wires, and push the 2 clips onto the new wall plate, and screw the new wall plate back to the wall.

A new battery Charger costs $14.00.

Postage and Handling for the Wall Plate is $15.00 when sold separately.

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Replacement wall plate $9.50.
Postage and Handling for the Wall Plate is $15.00 when sold separately.

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Replacement wall plate conversion kit $18.00.
Postage and Handling for the Wall Plate conversion kit  is $15.00 when sold separately.

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Please contact us if your postage charges are more than $30.00, we may be able to help.

It should be noted that the controller can only be recharge when it is removed from the wall plate, and plugged DIRECTLY into the controller, then the CHARGE LED will illuminate. It will not charge in the wall plate unless it is connected to the solar panel.