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Roller Shutters Perth

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Australian Online Roller Shutters Perth

Australian Online Roller Shutters are your premium provider of roller shutters Perth. We ship roller shutters Australia wide, delivering incredible quality roller shutters direct to your door. If you’re looking for an easy way to get roller shutters, we’ve got what you need. Our shutters are durable and built to last, with a wide range of colours to choose from as well. Each shutter is built to fit your specifications, down to the millimetre, ensuring you get a high-quality product. Order online today!

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OZRoll Roller Shutters Perth

All roller shutters we stock are manufactured by OZRoll, right here in Australia. OZRoll are the largest manufacturers of roller shutters in the Southern Hemisphere, and have years of experience building excellent shutters for businesses, homes and many other properties. By using high-quality materials, you’re guaranteed a shutter that can stand up to the elements. We stock four shutter options to choose from, each with distinct specifications and uses. Browse our range online and find the one that best meets your needs.

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Domestic Roller Shutters

If you need durable, high-quality roller shutters for your home, our domestic shutter model will meet all your needs. Suited to protect against wind, rain, hail and sun, these shutters are a popular choice for homes across the country. They can be installed on most windows up to a size of 7.7 square meters.

Mechanical Properties

The guide profile is approximately 53mm x 23mm and is designed with a hollow section on the outer side. This hollow section allows for multiple fixing points as well as supporting the head box end plate.

Commercial Shutters

Designed with businesses in mind, these shutters use strong, durable materials to cover a larger area than our domestic shutters, up to 10.8 square meters. Our commercial shutters are designed to cover both windows and doors for storefront security.

commercial roller shutters

Cyclone Shutters

These tough shutters offer certified protection against cyclone strength winds. Tested in cyclone conditions, they satisfy both Australian Standard AS / NZS 1170.2 – 2002, and The Australian Standard AS 4040. 3 – 1992. If you live in cyclone prone areas, these shutters are ideal for protecting your windows from light debris.

Security/Bushfire Shutters

In bushfire prone areas, the right protection can be the difference between a light singing and losing everything. Rated up to BAL 40 (the second highest bushfire rating available for window coverings), these shutters can protect against bushfires, intruders and more. For additional security, these shutters are a great choice.

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Order Roller Shutters Perth Online Today

Our roller shutters are top of the line, built locally with high-quality materials. If you’re in the market for roller shutters for your home or business in Perth, we can provide you with shutters that meet your specifications. Browse our range online and choose from a range of colours. Order today from Australia Online Roller Shutters Perth and get fast shipping anywhere in Australia.

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