Testimonial Tasmania

Client Testimonials Tasmania

Hi Bob
The shutters are great.
The replacement part fitted OK thank you , we are so pleased with then ,We have 8 more windows to do is there better way or deal if doing them all together.
Cheers Michael Stebbings
Tasmania 7301
Hello Bob, Yes all well, installed, works, looks good, yes we are pleased with the results, will get another in due course.
Thanks Ernie Summerfield
Tasmania 7140
Hello Bob,
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to reply. The roller shutter arrived well packaged in a wooden crate last week, and was up and running that weekend. Although it is battery operated there is no power outlet in the area for recharging. Fortunately the previous two I fitted a couple of years ago have the identical battery operation, so all I need do is exchange batteries every two or three weeks.
DON'T DO WHAT I DID: As the shutter was to be fitted to a timber frame, it wasn't critical where I drilled the mounting holes in the runners, so the night before fitting I thought I'd save a bit of time by pre-drilling the holes. Three holes: One hole in the centre and two holes at the ends - 45mm in from each end. T'was only when I started the assembly next day that I realised the top hole was blocked by the inserted tongue of the top box. Now I have two 10mm holes that stare at me every time I pass by. (70mm would have been fine). At least the thing works as it should, so we can look forward to a winter in Tasmania a little warmer without condensation.
P.S. It was refreshing to speak to someone who obviously believes in his product.
St. Helens
Tasmania 7216
Hi Bob,
Very happy with the Roller Shutter, delivery was extremely quick and installation wasn’t an issue.
Stuart Whiteroad
Tasmania 7015
Hi Bob, very happy with the roller shutters, and the delivery was super quick! They look good and the install was pretty easy.
Regards sabine
Tasmania 7250
G`day Bob,
We have now had the shutters in for a few weeks now and have found them to be excellent. The thermal insulating properties of these are magnificent with a real noticeable difference in the bed rooms as compared to before. As for the noise reduction it has certainly reduced traffic noise in which we were particularly wanting. As we were the first in Tassie to have these fitted from Rollershutters.com we were extremely happy with the friendly experienced service we received and no pushy salesmen as compared to other manufactures. Fitting of the shutters was a breeze, even with in reveal fitting the shutters fitted like a glove. They were manufactured very accurately to the dimensions provided which made the fitting very easy. I was impressed with the quality of the shutters, and workmanship involved in the aluminium box covers, as others I have seen from different suppliers lacked the nice square clean lines when assembled.
Pleasure doing business Bob!
Regards J. Jackson
Tasmania 7018