Testimonials Western Australia

Client Testimonials Western Australia

Yes got them all.
Install was straight forward.
About 45min each one. Was quoted 3 hours to change a motor in one of the older shutters by a local shop. Only ½ hour job. Done it myself.
South Kalgoorlie
Western Australia 6430
Hi Bob,
As you may know we have progressively been adding the roller shutters to all of our windows. Our initial reason was for fire risk however we have found them to be great all year round to a) keep the heat out/cool in (summer) b) keep the cold out/heat in (winter) c) lessen the sound from neighbours/dogs/storms. It has been surprising how little we need to turn on the air conditioners. Combining use of the shutters with ceiling fans and a sensible approach to closing up the house early on the forecast hot days has meant that our little castle stays comfortable during the day until it is time to open up after sundown. We feel quite secure at night as we can leave our windows and sliding doors open completely all night but the house remains secure by bring the shutters down to a point where no-one can easily get in. It helps too that our home faces the right direction (classic north facing) but everything needs to be looked at in the overall strategy.

The shutters have been easy to install. We discovered the best look was for a partial insert of the shutter header box into the eaves. It is possible to insert the header box to the point where little of its shows but after experimentation with the different looks we felt a 50% reveal gave the best look ie not too plain, not too big.
Best regards
Phil and Felicity Peter
Western Australia 6153
Hi Bob
The shutter arrived safely and in good order. The packaging was very good. The roller was exactly as per the dimensions requested. I greatly appreciated the phone instructions you gave on several occasions which made the “manual” installation relatively easy. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to others.
Rick Verwoord
Western Australia 6148
Hi Bob,
Thank you very much. Not only was the roller shutter delivered promptly the installation instructions on the website made installation a breeze. It works a treat. We will be ordering a couple more in the new year. Definitely worth a five star rating.
Judith Bennett
Western Australia 6262
Hello Bob,
My roller shutter was received very quickly and has been installed. I am very happy with it. But, upon unpacking the roller shutter, there was a kink in the top of the main housing. This has obviously happened during transport. There was no obvious damage to the outside packaging, as I had the staff who took delivery check it carefully. I was able to bend and push the kink back to only a slight ripple. For the record, the delivery companies here aren't that good. As the head box is hidden from the public (installed internally), it isn't a big issue.
It might be worth mentioning on the website, that when picking left or right hand control, it is from behind the shutter (with the head box away from you). I made a mistake and picked the wrong side. Once again, not a big issue.
Port Hedland
Western Australia 6721
Hi Bob, The installation went great. This is our 3rd roller shutter from you. So much quicker and cheaper to install yourself, than waiting 6 weeks for someone else to do at twice the price. We love the battery operated version as easier to install and we like the fact these will still work in a power failure
Cheers Mark
South Bunbury
Western Australia 6230
Hi Bob,
Roller shutters went in a treat. Very easy to instal with only a little help to support shutter in position by a second person. Controllers are very easy to instal and operate. Colour match was spot on for our existing shutters which were classic cream and the cream ones you supplied were exact. I will take some photos and forward to you in coming days.
Cheers Boyd
Boyd Colgan
President Pinjarra Cricket Club Inc.
Western Australia 6214
Hello Bob,
I must apologise for my failure to let you know the roller shutter arrived in double quick time which is a credit to your company. Apart from a couple of minor hiccups which, with thought, I managed to overcome (an excellent learning curve!) .
When finances are readily available I will be purchasing more shutters and hopefully to finally install a bay window but not till I feel competent to complete the task.
Previously had one professionally installed and was not pleased with the results (price and workmanship).
Thank you and I look forward to further dealings with your company.
Kind regards,
Ian Foster
West Lamington
Western Australia 6430
Hi Bob,
Thanks for the follow-up.
The shutters arrived fine and quickly.
I have successfully installed one of them, works a treat and am very happy with it. Next one should go up quicker, took a while to figure out how to do in-reveal cable run in double brick wall.
Will then look for solutions for rest of windows in house.
Western Australia 6163
Hello Bob,
Roller shutters arrived intact.
The blinds where very easy to install, and they look pretty good.
We’ve installed them on bedroom windows and WOW – how dark is the room when they are closed. (going to be great in summer).
Thank you
Peter and Vanessa Kelly
Western Australia 6530