Warranty Information

Frequently Asked Questions

All roller shutters and parts are sent with transport insurance, this is to ensure that if anything unlikely happens to your delivery you would be covered by our insurance.
If damage does occurs during transport, replacement parts will be sent ASAP, just send an email with a photo of the damage, and replacement part will be dispatched.

Product Warranty

OZ Roll’s Roller Shutter Coatings carry a (3) Year Limited Warranty for replacement only, all standard colours coatings have been designed to perform satisfactorily under normal environmental conditions over a long period of time.

OZ Roll’s Aluminium Axle System carries a (3) year Limited Warranty, the aluminium axle includes the insert and bearing.

All Somfy® motors supplied by OZ Roll® carry the Somfy® (5) Year Limited Warranty.

All Somfy® controllers supplied by OZ Roll® carry the Somfy® (2) year Warranty.

OZRoll Drive System T20 Battery Motor (5) year Warranty.

OZRoll Drive System T35 Battery Motor (5) year Warranty.

OZRoll Drive System L10 Battery Motor (2) year Warranty.

E-Port Controller (1) year Warranty.

Manual Controls and Rollers (1) year Warranty, this includes the manual control system includes the manual winder control, and manual strap control, as well as the control tape rollers.

Warranty starts from the date you receive the product.

We warrant that all products are free of defective parts and faulty workmanship and agree to replace any part that proves to be defective: without charge.

In the case that a warranty claim arises, we require the faulty part or item to be returned to us so we can examine or test and replace any item deemed faulty.

Please Note: The freight, handling and insurance costs remain the responsibility of the buyer in case of a warranty claim. If the product is deemed faulty the product will be returned at no cost.