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Electric System

SOMFY Motors

somfy tubular motorAll electric shutters come supplied with SOMFY motors. SOMFY is well known as a world leader in tubular motor technology and are continually updating and advancing their product range.

Recently SOMFY released the new range of 17-rpm (revolutions per minute) motors . This new range replaces the older style 12-rpm motor, but has no other noticeable differences. This 5-rpm increase in motor speed will mean the shutter operating time is decreased by 40% and that good news for all shutter users.

You may be aware that the tubular motor comes in various different sizes. This is due to the large range of shutter sizes. Tubular motors are classed by the lifting capacity, and that is measured in Nm (Newton metres).

Please Note: Minimum width for an electric shutter is 680mm

The SOMFY motor comes with a 5 year warranty.

Electric Roller Shutters:
Electric Roller Shutters Parts

Somfy Control Switch

All electric roller shutters come supplied with a SOMFY wall switch

Optional Extra Somfy Override motor.

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The Somfy electric motor can be supplied with a manual override system which uses a crank handle (1250mm or 2000mm in length) to raise or lower the curtain when the power is out.
Upgrade is $320

Optional Extra Somfy Remote control.

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The hand held control switch is available in two forms, the single channel and the four channel. Both the hand held control switches will require a "SOMFY RTS Motor" from the Somfy range.